Hardox Close Up.
October 8, 2020

What Makes Hardox?

Hardox is a worldwide network of wear plate service centres. With over 500 centres in 100 countries, you can always count on Hardox to be close by! 


Hardox wear plates provide superior resistance and quality. They are able to last an entire service lifetime.

Taking a Beating

The hardness, strength, and toughness of Hardox steel leaves a lasting impression. Rock sand, coal, minerals, and other materials find it difficult to damage Hardox Steel. Hardox steel has proven itself to be abrasion-resistant. It prolongs the service life of equipment parts and structures in unfavourable conditions.

Saving & Savings

The wear resistance of Hardox steel is often overlooked by businesses. This strategic business element when overlooked costs your business time and money. When you sacrifice the lifetime expectancy of your equipment by two, five, or ten years. You sacrifice the longevity of your structure and increase the total spend cost.




Rock Solid Facts!

Hardness is the structural property that provides wear protection for the duration of a Hardox plate’s service.


  • Minimises the effect abrasive material has on the steel’s surface.


  • Is featured all-throughout the Hardox steel.


  • Doesn’t sacrifice the structural performance of the Hardox plates.


How hard is hard?

Hardness or strength uphold structures. They stop the deformation of buildings and structures.

Watch these videos to see how Hardox steel is tested for Hardness and Strength!




Measuring Hardox



How can these Hardox plates withstand aggressive environmental weather and benefit your company!

The Uncrackable

Regarded as tough, Hardox steel manages an endless stream of shocks, jolts, bangs, and more. The resistant workshop properties of Hardox steel make it possible to mould, form, and wield without incurring any cracks. Where breakage and failures are deadly, unpredictable, and costly Hardox plates minimise the risk to your employees and businesses. 

Structural properties

When you choose Hardox you choose quality. Toughness defines Hardox, as opposed to regular AR steel.  

Toughness is what makes Hardox the perfect structural steel material. You can bend it, form it, and wield it without losing any of the structural properties.  The high yield produces lighter designs compared to traditional AR steel. 


  • Able to withstand heavy blows without sacrificing structural and design integrity 
  • Crack Resistant.

How tough is tough?

Check out these toughness testing videos.